Art prompt generator

  • Give Scary looks to  a creature which passing from amazon jungle. Shot with the Olympus OM-D E-M1X, 300mm lens.
prompt generator for creature

  • Give Scary looks to a creature which born from the wind and whispers use dark color.
ai prompt image

  • A hulking beast with the head of a lion, the jaws of a crocodile, and the tail of a scorpion. Its four arms, two muscular and two bony, drip with molten lava that casts an eerie glow on the bloodstained earth. A crescent moon, shrouded in an obsidian aura, hangs ominously above.

A hulking beast

  • A spider-like entity, as large as a man, with four spindly limbs and sharp claws. Its body, woven from threads of black vines, pulsates with an inner fire that produces grotesque shadows as it feasts on a fallen creature, staining its barbed jaws red.

spider image ai prompt generator

  • A monstrous avian with four feathered arms like twisted blades. Its blood-soaked feathers drip with crimson as it screeches a haunting melody, the music stirring flames into existence on the blood-drenched ground. The dark moon echoes the chilling song, painting the scene in shades of dread

scary creature prompts

  • A spectral beast, no bigger than a raven, composed of swirling embers and wisps of smoke. Its eyes, two burning orbs, peer out from the fiery vortex as it flit through the bloodstained air, leaving a trail of dying ash in its wake. The dark moon seems to cower before its incandescent form.

ai image generator

  • Imagine a skeletal figure, its ribs resembling cage bars trapping wisps of ghostly fire. Its four elongated limbs are formed from twisted and fused bones, each ending in needle-sharp talons that drip with bioluminescent ichor.

  • Picture a hulking beast cloaked in perpetual darkness, its form shifting and writhing like smoke. Four shadowy limbs protrude from its amorphous mass, each tipped with claws that glint with an unnatural, otherworldly light. As it prowls the bloodstained earth, the dark moon seems to absorb its inky presence.

  • Envision a pulsating orb, roughly the size of a human head, floating silently above the bloodstained ground. Its surface writhes with veins of molten magma, and within its depths flicker a thousand crimson eyes, each staring out with malevolent hunger. Four fleshy tendrils, tipped with barbed stingers, lash out from the orb, seeking to ensnare its prey.

  • Imagine a grotesquely beautiful creature, its humanoid form adorned with a crown of razor-sharp thorns. Its skin shimmers with an iridescent sheen, pulsating with an inner fire that casts long, flickering shadows. Four slender limbs, each tipped with an elongated talon resembling a thorny vine, twitch with nervous energy as it whispers seductive lies in a voice that chills the soul.

  • Picture a colossal maw, its jagged teeth resembling obsidian blades, emerging from the bloodstained earth. Four immense tentacles, thick as tree trunks, writhe and lash, seeking to drag any unfortunate creature within reach into its gaping maw. As it feeds, the echoes of its victims' screams reverberate through the air, twisting the dark moon into a grimace of horror.

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