Useful CSS Tricks

Useful CSS Tricks

Text Selection Color

To give text selection color use selection pseudo element on your website.

By default while select text on browser it's showing blue background with white text color. Now we change background color as black and apply text color as white.

text selection css


selection selector

Truncate Text

The line-clamp property truncates text at a specific number of lines.


line-clamp truncate text

Smooth Scrolling

Enable smooth scrolling throughout the HTML page.

smooth scroll in html

Disable User Selection

To prevent select some element on webpage used user-select:none .

disable user selection in browser

Vertical Text

Write vertical text bottom to top using two css properties. 


How to set vertical text using css


This property can be used to assign an outline to the text.

color: transparent;
-webkit-text-stroke: 1px #04D939;

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